Although we encourage all Americans to express one’s “state of emotions,” however we strictly forbid the following on any of the State of Emotions platforms and will result in immediate deletion:

Illegal Activities

  • When using State of Emotions platforms, you’re required to abide by all local, national, and international laws
  • Any content, shares or posts that encourage, display, feature, solicit or illegal activity is strictly prohibited and will be addressed with immediately

Mature/Graphic Content

  • Any content we find offensive or inappropriate will addressed with accordingly
  • Any content that includes sexually explicit posts, suggestive sexual acts, intentional or unintentional provocative shares, content, messages sexually explicit posts, sexually suggestive acts, will be removed or banned
  • Explicit acts, encouraging nudity in ANY capacity is strictly prohibited
  • Depictions of real-life gore, death, horrifically violent acts, self-harm or to others will result in removal and escalation to the proper authorities

Hate Speech

  • Any content showcasing speech, gesture, writing, or display of attacks on a person or group based on the below will be removed:
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity/Race
    • Religion
    • Sexual Orientation

Any extreme instances will be escalated to the proper authoritie

Bullying, Harassment or Threats

  • Any threats of any kind to individuals or corporations will be handled accordingly, depending on severity. The profile and any posts will be removed immediately. 
  • Instances of extreme bullying, threats, or any harassment or threats will be taken to the proper authorities.

Any comments, posts, shares, or direct messages deliberately degrading or humiliating other individuals or companies or encouraging any actions to the like will be removed immediately.

Exploiting Minors

  • Sexually explicit content featuring minors or content that exploits minors are prohibited
  • Content suggesting or depicting online dating with minors, provocative content involving minors or any content that seemingly endangers a minor’s physical or mental health is strictly prohibited
  • Publicly or privately messaging minors is prohibited

Fake Identity

  • Including:
    • Using another’s personal information such as name, likeness, or photos. 
    • Using another person’s personal or branded content


  • Including:
    • Non-constructive or repetitive content
    • Engage with the platform posting content not relating the overall mission of 
    • Excessive icon, emoji or links as spam

Sharing of Private Information w/o Permission

  • Sharing or posting personal or private personal information about individuals, or private property, without permission. 
  • This includes:
    • Personal information makes one identifiable such as a unique location, governmental name, photo, or federal or state identification. 
    • Posting or sharing social profiles or information, including usernames or passwords – that is restricted and protected. 
    • Sharing another’s privacy or private space without permission. 

Unauthorized Use of Intellectual Property

  • Sharing or posting others’ content with trademarks, patents, or copyright for others’ intellectual property is strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately. 
  • Sharing or posting company’s or employer’s internal policy that violates strict NDA’s

If you have questions or want to report inappropriate behavior, please email support@stateofemotions.com